Customizing Profiles

Customers can add more profiles to CloudPortal Business Manager, if required.

Below are the steps to create new profile.:
  1. Create new entry for the profile in database. Add a liquibase change set to file custom-db-config-v0.1.xml located in bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.common at src/main/resources/citrix/cpbm/custom/db/portal/.
    A sample liquibase change set is as follows:
    <changeSet id="1373375974" author="John">        <insert tableName="profiles">          <column name="name" value="SuperUser"/>          <column name="description" value="This is a super user"/>          <column name="scope" value="<TENANT/TENANT_ADMIN/GLOBAL/GLOBAL_ADMIN>"/>        </insert>  </changeSet>
    Note: In above example, "SuperUser" is the sample name of the profile and "This is a super user" is the sample description of the profile.
  2. Add value of the profile to be displayed in UI. CloudPortal Business Manager looks for value of code "profileName.<profile name>" in application resource. Add a property "profileName.<profile name>" into the application resource. See Customizing Resource Properties for details.

    Example: profileName.SuperUser=Super User

  3. Restart the CPBM server:
    service cloud-portal stop  service cloud-portal start
  4. Login to CloudPortal Business Manager as Root user and navigate to Administration > Profiles.
  5. If the scope provided by you in Step 1 is TENANT or TENANT_ADMIN, then your new profile will appear in the Customer tab, else it will appear in the Service Provider tab.
  6. Select the new profile and check all the roles you want in the profile and click Save.

    you can select this profile when creating new users.

To understand the scope in detail, refer to Security Roles.

Note: Liquibase is a tool which CloudPortal Business Manager uses to populate base data or to perform any upgrade/migration during CloudPortal Business Manager upgrade. More information about liquibase can be found at:
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