CloudPortal Business Manager User Interface Overview


CloudPortal Business Manager provides a standard web based user interface that allows you to access the full range of cloud services of the service provider. Supported browsers include:

The CloudPortal Business Manager UI displays the following top level tabs:
  • Home
  • My Services
  • Users
  • Catalog
  • Support

Home tab

When you log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI, the landing page is the dashboard. In addition to the dashboard tab, the Home tab includes All Alerts, All Notifications, All Tasks, and Usage and Billing tabs. You can access all information related to your account, the services that you have subscribed to, and billing from this tab.

My Services tab

The My Services tab displays all the services that are enabled for your account. For each of your enabled services, you can access the resource management console, subscribe to packaged bundles, view utility rates, and manage your settings from this tab.

Users tab

The Users tab lists all users of your account. You can manage your users and their information from this tab.

Catalog tab

The Catalog tab displays the various services and service instances enabled for your account. You can view and subscribe to the service offerings of the service provider from this tab.

Support tab

The Support tab gives you a view of the status of the service instances enabled for your account. You can view the maintenance schedule and also submit support tickets for issues to be resolved by the service provider from this tab.

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