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Accelerite releases Hot Fix 04 for CloudPlatform

Accelerite is pleased to announce Hotfix 4 for the customers running Accelerite® CloudPlatform version This hotfix includes Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 01, Hotfix 02, and Hotfix 03 as well, which enables the customers running Accelerite® CloudPlatform version to upgrade to this Hotfix directly. 

Accelerite® CloudPlatform Hotfix 4 introduces a new feature that enables the customers to use unique MAC addresses for each CloudPlatform deployments. Also, this Hotfix addresses issues reported on the following:

  • Out-of-band VM migration in VMware
  • RVR-based Baremetal network
  • Vulnerability (CVE-2015-3251 and CVE-2015-3252) reported on Accelerite CloudPlatform versions 4.5.x
  • Support for the overprovisioning.factor configuration parameter
  • Limitation of the traffic sentinel resource to handle lengthier URLs when large number of IP addresses are queried
  • Instance ID of the old volumes
  • Device ID of the NICs with XenServer VMs
  • Processing time for the deployVirtualMachine, createFirewallRule and the createPortForwardingRule commands
  • XenSever guest OS memory values on CentOS 7

The product download for Accelerite® CloudPlatform version Hotfix 4 is available for logged in users at:

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