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Radia 10

Radia 10

The latest release from Accelerite for its Radia Endpoint Management Solutions. Packed with new features, feature enhancements, and other changes to tackle ever growing challenges with Endpoint Management. Learn more on how Radia 10 can help.

Radia 10 & Sentient

Sentient is an enterprise product from Accelerite, which can be integrated with Radia 10, which enables an enterprise administrator to get an immediate view of the overall health of the enterprise endpoints. Using Sentient, search hundreds of thousands of enterprise endpoints and gather real-time data within seconds.

Sentient helps fix critical security, compliance, and configuration issues within minutes. The data is gathered using search queries, written in freeform text, and presented in an interactive visual and graphical format that is easy to comprehend. With Sentient, in-place remediation of endpoints that are non-compliant with IT and security policies is at fingertips. Based on the latest cutting edge technologies, Sentient is the most valuable addition to your endpoint management arsenal.

Radia 10 & Data Insights

Data Insights is a one-stop solution to extract meaningful information from your existing data. Data Insights is a browser-based tool, which can be integrated with Radia to enable data extraction from various database sources and create consolidated visualizations for analysis in an intuitive and interactive manner. 

Data is extracted periodically, processed and placed in a data mart. Users interact with the data mart using an intuitive interface to export visualizations, schedule delivery through email, and create dashboards consisting of frequently used reports and more. 

Using Data Insights, get more insights into your data,

  • Define new views using a predefined template or create a completely new view
  • Create interactive graphical views and dashboards
  • Convert tabular views to graphical reports
  • Export views to various formats
  • Schedule emails with custom reports
  • Interact with reports to change sorting, drag and drop, formatting, and filtering
  • Experience automatic data refresh from data source to your views 

 Radia 10 & UI Enhancements, makes familiar more intuitive.

  • Some of the key menu options in Mobile Device Management have been renamed and reorganized to provide better user experience.
  • The enhancement in the menu options include:

    "Corporate Devices" renamed to "Corporate Device Import"

    "Workflows" renamed to "Device workflows"

    "Platforms" renamed to "Profiles" for profile creation

    "Create Job" renamed to "Initiate Device Operation" 

Enhancements to icon tooltips make it more descriptive and intuitive. 

Radia 10 & Mobility

Radia 10 supports the latest versions of major Mobile OS platforms.  Below is the list of major releases of the listed Operating Systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). 

  OS Name OS Version
Google Android Lollipop 5.x
  Android Marshmallow 6.x
Windows Phone   8.1
Apple iOS 9.2


Radia 10 & the QR Code Generator Utility

Radia 10 provides a utility to generate QR code for user login. Using the QR code the mobile user can log into Radia 10 and register their devices. 

The Good Stuff

Radia 10 can be downloaded here, find product documentation too

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