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Craig Tonner

Introduce a cascaded sync process

Instead of trying to second guess how long syncs will take between TIERs why not have a cascaded sync where higher TIER servers contact the lower TIER servers after they have completed their own syncs. Thus using all the available time you have available.

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Permanently deleted user

Sounds good! This would also save time on part of the Admin who generally has to orchestrate the entire Sync process.


I was wondering how feasible a cascaded sync would be from perspective of control that an Admin would have over the sync process since it may potentially overlap the production hours?



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Robert Ruppel

My collegue created a cascading DMA process. his description is "Runs dmabatch.exe on the Core server to sync the related production environment. Passes the -dmastats-userid as CASCADE_%COMPUTERNAME% and -domains as "*". The -dmastats-userid value is used by DMASTATS rexx to determine which Satellites to launch SatSync.tcl on."
We created a scheduled task on the Core server an wrote some custom lines into the satsync.tcl.

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