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Realation CloudPortal and CloudPlatform


Realation CloudPortal and CloudPlatform


I am new in Cloudstack , i have questiones?

1- What is relationshipe between cloudstack(cloudPlatform) and cloudPortal?

2-Is there any good doc about Architechre of Citrix in Cloud products such as cloudstack and CloudPlatform and any other associated Products?


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Realation CloudPortal and CloudPlatform


Cloudplatform from citrix is is used for building your public or private cloud.
You can assign users to login to cloudplatform and creat the own IT department in the cloud.
Lets say you want to host a customers IT, or just part of it...thats in Cloudplatform....and with a Cloudbrigde you can create a 1to1 LAN between his IT and your i can host .
With Cloudgateway users logon to the xenapp farm.
Cloudbrigde =Backdoor

Cloudportal service manager v.10 is the old name is for managing Apps in your manage Microsoft Exchange and Xenapp or VM with HyperV....with one single user interface...or a multitenant setup.
you can creat usersn, they can login to cloudportal and manage the own Xenapp users ..creat users mailboxes and so on.
It can also sync with the customers DC/AD if he wants to have some control over his IT.

Cloudportal Bussinesmanager v.1 is for billing customers and can be integrated with cloudplatform, because cloudplatform has a build in User monitor for billing to..i think ?

I'm not 100 procent sure, but something like that...more or less.

/Kim Keith

Kim Keith MEMBERS 13 June 2012 - 07:56 AM
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