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Autoscale Policy not working


Autoscale Policy not working

HI Guys,


We are deploying a cloudstack enviroment for an ISP and untill today everithing has been great.


We ara managing a pool of two XenServers 6.5 SP1 with all hotfixes and patches applied.


Now we want to test the autoscale features, and first of all we tried the "without netscaler" mode, but there was no way to see how to make it work. The "autoscale" option is not there.


Then we, deployed a VPX appliance with an express license.


We add the netscaler device to cloudstack and everything seems ok, we create the autoscale policy in an isolated network and there is no errors or issues but then, nothing happens.


Can't see anything relevant on the logs.


Cloudstack version is 4.8 and Netscaler 10.1


Thank You.



Jaime Mulero Molinet MEMBERS 23 February 2016 - 11:29 AM
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