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Douglas Davis

9.2 Messaging server

It's been a few versions of radia sense I've looked at the Messaging server configuration files and I need some clarifications/definitions of how it works.

My goali is to enable a secondary server for forwarding messages to. 

I know in the rms.cfg file, I can add a PRI 20 in the  mgs::register Forward {}  section to have a secondary server for forwarding messagings to, but what I don't understand is other sections of the rms.cfg, like msg::register MDM, I also see forward statements of PRI 10. If I was using MDM, would I needd to add in a PRI 20 for a secondary server also?


Also, what defines in the RMS.cfg if the machine is a forwarder or poster (writes to ODBC).


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Libor Janda

Hi Douglas,

have you solved it? If you post you CFG files I could compare them to my ones which I havily tweaked for older version of Radia few years ago. I suppose you can force RMS to do almost anything and send data anywhere even in new core/satellite Radia versions.


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