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Arash Kermanpour

Path and file buffer size


I have a service with deep path promoted successfully in Radia 9.2. It's published using Windows installer / basic mode. The problem is during deployment, client (Ver. 9.20) can not resolve the file name because of the buffer size limit of 260 as stated in the Connect log:

NVD005012E [get_resource_fi] 13:01:40 [RADCONCT / 000016bc] SYSTEM --! Path ["C:\PROGRA~1\Novadigm\Lib\SYSTEM\RADIA\software\ZSERVICE\MTO_ADK_ACAD2016_20X0_00\"\]
and file [AC32\acadMTO\Img\x86\Components\BIM360\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\AutoCAD2016Addin.bundle\Contents\Win32\PFiles\CommFiles\Autodesk Shared\Uninstall Tool\R1\UninstallEngine.dll]
does not fit in buffer of [260] size
NVD006001E [load_delta_entr] 13:01:40 [RADCONCT / 000016bc] SYSTEM --! Error resolving resource name from server object [MSIBASIC]

I appreciate if anybody shares a solution or workaround for this.


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Fazahath Baig

Contact Radia support for a hotfix on this issue

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