rCloud® is an award-winning Cloud-based, managed services platform that delivers Recovery-as-a- service (RaaS), giving you more for your investment in offsite storage. 

rCloud replicates Windows servers offsite, where backup images can be restored to failover your servers, or to enable safe provisioning and testing in the Cloud Virtual Lab.

With rCloud, you get the assurance that server backups are safely maintained offsite, can restore reliably every time, will achieve business continuity in the event of a failure and can be maintained easily via the web.

rCloud delivers the following service capabilities:

Server Backup and Recovery

  • Daily backup of physical and virtualized Windows production server environments to the Cloud.
  • Full availability of Windows operating system, applications, and data.
  • Secure disaster recovery services.
  • Rapidly restore any stored recovery point of a server environment to virtual machines running in the Cloud, creating a virtual replica of the server environment.

Virtual Failover

  • Recover as a ready-to-use VM or bare metal restore (physical or virtual machine recovery).
  • Ability to run servers in failover mode in rCloud if a server fails or disaster strikes.
  • Failback to clients' sites by downloading a ready-to-use virtual machine.
  • Virtual failover supported with ESX/ESXi, Dell AppAssure® and StorageCraft® ShadowProtect®.

Production Testing

  • Work in a secure, fenced network with no impact on production environments.
  • Deploy virtual production replica machines for testing and training purposes.
  • Provision servers, perform upgrades, and test patches all prior to committing changes toproduction.

Data Integrity Verification

  • Proactive recovery testing with no impact on client's ability to continue working.
  • Verify backups seamlessly through a web-based management portal.

Web-based Access

  • Unified web-based access to management portal.
  • Remote access at anytime from any location with an Internet connection.
  • Ease of deployment and maintenance.

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