Install an rCloud Agent for AppAssure


Once you create an AppAssure Agent in the rCloud, you will install the Agent software by performing the following steps:

NOTE: Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5. SP1 is required for agent installation. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 alone will not currently work, although you can have both installed.

  1. In the rCloud Web application, click on the Agents Tab.
  2. Use the Clients drop-down list on the top right of the screen to select the client you are working with.
  3. Click the two drop down arrows next to the name of the Agent.
  4. Select Download.


  5. Click Run to install the Agent on the local machine or you can click Save to save it for later installation.

  6. Execute the file if you saved it and click Next at the Welcome screen.
  7. On the welcome screen click Next.


  8. Review the EULA and click I Agree.


  9. Accept or modify the installation location and then click Next.


  10. Ensure the Run agent identification check box is checked and click Next.


  11. Enter your Accelerite user credentials (your email address is your user name)


  12. Select a Client and available agent from the drop down lists and then click Identify Agent

    Note: In order for the rCloud system to function, the Agent must be identified. If you choose not to identify the Agent, installation will continue but you will have to identify it manually.


  13. When prompted, confirm that your selection is correct as the identity of an agent can not be changed, then click OK. After you identify the Agent, you can update the configuration of your agent. Be sure to save any changes you make here before moving on to the next installation step, or you may have to re-enter them.


  14. Click Next to download updates and additional components.


  15. Click Finish to complete the installation.



If the agent is installed successfully, the rCloud agent tray monitor is displayed with a green check mark in the notification area. rcloud-help-appassure-icon-checkmark.jpg If you hover over the rCloud agent tray monitor, it displays the status as RUNNING. The agent starts checking in to rCloud. You can confirm that the agent is checking in to rCloud based on the Last check-in time that is displayed on the Agents tab.

Note: If the icon does not immediately show a green check mark, it might mean that the updates did not succeed and it will retry the operation. This might take some time.



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