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Changes/Fixes for ConVirt 2.0 Patch bundle # 1

  • Fix redirect issue with SSL setup. Now you can change the SERVER_PROTOCOL in development.ini to https and correct redirects would be generated.
  • Fixed : VNC window not showing up if tab is already open.
  • Added security checks for user administration options.
  • Fixed following UI issues in the VM Edit/Provision area:
    • LVM disk size changes allowed during provisioning.
    • For virtio, the all disks from the Storage area can be deleted.
    • Template parameters not shown consistently ("disappearing")
    • Disk unit display changed.
  • Fixed AOE disk scan.
  • Provisioning Error : "exceptions must be classes, instances, or strings (deprecatred), not unicode".
  • Error when starting VM : "No Kernel Specified".
  • Error when starting VM : 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'open'
  • Check for lib64 fixed in convirt-tool. Error: "ls: /usr/lib64/python2*: No such file or directory "
  • Error : "Iteration over non-sequence."
  • Fixed issue in ssh key propagation. This should help with VNC as well.
  • Fixed KVM VM not starting because of -usb "1" switch.
  • Fixed RHEL 4, xargs "-d" option not available. This is now cut-over to tr.
  • Email service responsiveness improved.
  • VNC window now has additional options. e.g. send Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  • Improvements
    • Server information updated when you do Edit Server. No need to remove and add the server back.
    • During CMS startup, image store location is scanned for new custom Templates.
    • Improved UI for VNC information.
    • Ability to edit VM configuration as a file.
    • Debian installation feedback implemented.
    • KVM Pause / Resume added.
    • Added UI showing latest updates available for ConVirt.
    • Performance improvements in Task pane refresh.
    • Generate stack trace for all exceptions in controller. This should help identifying and resolving issues.