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Known Issues / Limitations for ConVirt Enterprise 3.0

This page contains some of the known issues.

ConVirt Enterprise 3.0

  • SSH to managed server does not work out of the box. (bug, will be fixed soon : Fixed in 3.0.1)

ConVirt Enterprise Cloud 3.0

Local Infrastructure (ConVirt) Cloud

  • Create Like on template does not work.
  • Storage Management for Local Infrastructure (ConVirt) Cloud does not work.

Third Party Clouds

  • Importing existing Virtual Machine is not allowed. (Added in 3.0.1)
  • Once the IaaS is created, the configuration can not be changed.
  • For OpenStack and Eucalyptus the performance data is not available.
  • For Amazon EC2, we get the data using EC2 API, which gives 5 min rolled up. We will be improving this in future.