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Whats new in ConVirt Enterprise 3.3

This page summarizes the new features added in ConVirt Enterprise 3.3 release. For learning about ConVirt Cloud features, please refer to ConVirt Enterprise Cloud documentation.


1.1 Search

The search feature allows you to simply search at global level and get to any entity quicker. As you type, handful of choices are presented unless that search results in too many items.

Global Search
Global search.png

1.2 Annotation History

With this release, each annotation is kept and available as history. This allows enterprises to keep a log of activities and communication between admins on how the issue was handled.

Annotation History
Annotation history.png

1.3 Active Directory Support

Now in addition to LDAP servers, enterprise customer can use their existing Active Directory setup with ConVirt.

1.4 High Availability Improvements

For larger environments, the host state detection is done using nmap if it is installed on the system for quicker detection. Along with this, multiple VMs are started during the recovery reducing the over all downtime.

1.5 Dashboard Performance

There has been significant improvements in the dashboard performance. Quicker load of the navigator and not refreshing the dashboard while getting to context menu improves the overall usability of the product.

1.6 OVF Template Support

Since 3.3.3, OVF Templates are supported for standalone ESXi and vCenter deployments.

1.7 Snapshot Management for VMWare environment

Starting 3.3.6, full snapshot management for virtual machines is supported for both standalone ESXi/vSphere as well as vCenter environments.

1.8 Alerts integrations

Starting 3.3.6, ConVirt shows alerts from vCenter in to a new Alerts tab in ConVirt.

1.9 Hyper-V Management

Starting 3.3.9, ConVirt supports managing Hyper-V virtualization. Refer to managing Hyper-V environment for more details.