Adding accounts


As a service provider, you can create accounts for your customers based on the market segments they belong to. Suppose your sales team has landed a deal with a new customer who wants to use your cloud service. After receiving the contact details of the customer and other information from sales, you create an account. Once you create accounts, they can utilize the resources and can be billed accordingly. You can create accounts from the Accounts tab of the CloudPortal Business Manager administration UI.

You must have account create permission to add an account.

  1. Log in to the CloudPortal Business Manager administration UI as Root user.
  2. Click Accounts > Add New Account. The Add New Account wizard opens.
  3. Select the channel with which this account will be associated.
  4. Click the type of account that you want to create. For more information on account types, see Account Types.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Specify the information as requested by the wizard.
  7. Review and confirm the details and click Next to add the account.

The account activation depends on the onboarding settings configured for the account type. Identity verification, billing details verification, and other approvals (as required) are obtained before account gets activated.



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