Retiring a product


You can either retire a product or replace it with a new product. If you only retire the product, it will remain active in CloudPortal and charge the users based on the usage that accrues in the active subscriptions. If there are any entitlements in any subscribed bundles, they will still remain for the product.

You retire an existing product and replace it with a new product. This replaced product will not be charged from next plan of a channel catalog after it syncs with the reference catalog.

You cannot retire a product, that is being used as entitlement unless it is removed from all the bundle entitlements.
Note: A channel syncs with the current plan of the reference catalog. In case of changes in the reference catalog, the channel must sync with the reference catalog (when its future plan becomes active), so that the changes that take effect in the future revision of the reference catalog appear in the future revision of the channel catalog.
  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager as the Root user.
  2. Click the Catalog tab and choose "Plan Next" from the drop-down.
  3. You can view the products on the left pane. Select the product that you wish to retire.
  4. You can see the details of the selected product on the right pane. Place your cursor over the Manage icon (that looks like a gear wheel) and click Retire.
  5. If you do not wish to replace the product by other products, click "No" in the "Retire Product" dialog box. The product will not appear in the future reference catalogs.
    • A retired product cannot be added as an entitlement in a product bundle.
    • A retired product will continue to be charged based on the usage if it is not being replaced.
    • A retired product will not appear in the catalog from the future plan. Therefore, no new use of the product is possible.

Replace an existing product

  1. Perform the steps 1 to 3 as mentioned in the above section "Retiring a product".
  2. Select "Yes" if you wish to replace the existing product in the "Retire Product" dialog box.


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