Cloud service down exceptions

When any cloud service instance is down, CloudPortal Business Manager user interface displays the appropriate error message. The connectors will throw specific errors when the cloud service is down or there is a network disruption. The messages displayed are according to the specific errors thrown by the connectors. Any exception thrown by the connector sets a message code. The resource string of that message code must be present in that connector's bundle.

CloudServiceException is super class of all the exceptions thrown by connector.

CloudServiceException Class
public class CloudServiceException extends ServiceException {     public CloudServiceException() {       super();     }    public CloudServiceException(String message) {      super(message);    }    public CloudServiceException(String message, Throwable cause) {     super(message, cause);    }    public CloudServiceException(Throwable cause) {     super(cause);    }}

Exception hierarchy and class diagram:

The following table provides the details of the exceptions:
Exception Description
CloudServiceException Base class of all the cloud service exceptions known to CPBM. It also contains a message field .If any connector wants to show localized message then connector developer should put localized message into this.
CloudServiceDownException Raised when cloud service is down becuase of network unreachable, network time out and so on.
CloudServiceConnectionException Raised when there is configuration issue in accessing the service instance.
CloudServiceMetadataRegistryException Raised when there is an error while executing method of MetadataRegistry SPI.
CloudServiceAccountLifecycleException Raised when there is an error while executing method of AccountLifecycleHandler SPI.
CloudServiceUserLifecycleException Raised when there is an error while executing method of UserLifecycleHandler SPI.
CloudServiceSubscriptionLifecycleException Raised when there is error in operating anything related to lifecycle of resource such as Reconfigure subscription, terminate subscription, subcribe and so on.
CloudServiceRegistrationException Raised when connector's bundle is registered, after reading its definition from serviceDefinition.xml.