Converting to Subscription

In the earlier versions of CPBM, the subscriptions UI used to list your purchased subscriptions as well as subscriptions generated as a result of usage for a resource, which did not belong to any of the purchased subscriptions.

From CPBM 2.3 onwards there is a provision to view 'purchased subscriptions' and 'resources which do not belong to any of the purchased subscriptions' as separate links in the Subscriptions tab under Usage & Billing.
  • Purchased Bundles- When a resource is provisioned by subscribing a bundle through the catalog page, the associated subscriptions are listed under this link.

  • Resources eligible to be moved to Bundles- When a resource is added through connector UI or is generated as a result of another resource, it is listed under this link. This occurs when usage is reported for such resource and it cannot be associated with any of the purchased subscriptions. The 'Convert to subscription' task allows the user to associate such resources (in active state) to any of the unused purchased subscription or buy a new subscription, if required.

  • Earlier versions of CPBM used to have 'Change subscription' for all the active subscriptions. It no longer exists since it is now replaced by 'Convert to subscriptions' that will be available only for associating resources to purchased bundles.
  • Unlike 'Change Subscription', 'Convert to subscription' does not allow to change any of the resource configuration. However, if required the same can be done using the connector UI.
To convert to subscription
  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager as a customer.
  2. Click Usage & Billing.
  3. Click on the Subscriptions tab.
  4. Select a subscription under the Resources eligible to be moved to Bundles link.
  5. Place the cursor over the manage icon (that looks like a gear wheel), and click Convert to Subscription. In the Convert to Subscription wizard that appears:
    1. Select one of the following options in the Purchase new or select existing subscription step:
      • Purchase a new subscription - The available product bundles are listed.
      • Select an existing unused subscription - The available subscriptions which are not associated with any resource are listed.
      Note: The 'View Details' link displays product bundle / subscription's product bundle name and description along with its entitlements in terms of product name, the number of included units and the overage usage charges per unit.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Review your selection in the Review and Confirm step. Click Previous if you want to change your selection.
    4. Click Convert.

The newly converted subscription is listed under the Purchased Bundles link with a History sub-tab that will have a link to view the parent resource listed under the Resources eligible to be moved to Bundles link.

Impact on billing

The 'Convert to Subscription' wizard gives user the following choices:
  • Purchase a new subscription - One-time charges as well as recurring charges as per the billing frequency of the selected product bundle are applicable.
  • Select an existing unused subscription - No additional charges are applicable.
Note: For both the cases above, entitlements of the resulting subscriptions will be applicable for any further usage reported for that resource.