Changing Service

Users can change compute offering of the Virtual Machine. A compute offering is a set of virtual hardware features such as CPU core count, speed, and memory. To upgrade or downgrade the level of compute resources available to a virtual machine, you can change the VM's compute offering using the 'Change Service' wizard.
Note: Change service action on a running VM is supported from Accelerite CloudPlatform 4.2 onwards. You can use this feature when the enable.dynamic.scale.vm setting is enabled on CloudPlatform.
  • Hyper-V does not support the change service feature for running VM.
  • You can scale up the compute offering for both running VM and stopped VM, but you can scale down the compute offering only for stopped VM.

Perform the following steps to change service for a VM.

To change service for a VM Instance
  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager as a user.
  2. Click My Services.
  3. Either click the cloud service instance tab or click the Manage Resources link of the desired service instance.
  4. In the Instances tab, specify the VM for which you want to change service. Alternatively, you can select the required VM from the left pane.
  5. Place the cursor over the manage icon (that looks like a gear wheel), and click Change Service. In the Change Service wizard that appears:
    1. Select the required value from the Compute offering drop-down list.
      Note: The values in the drop-down list are as follows:
      • If the compute offering of the specific VM is of 'local' type then the list displays all the compute offerings of 'local' type.
      • For a running VM, the list displays the compute offerings with greater configuration than the current compute offering.
      • For a stopped VM, the list displays all the compatible compute offerings.
    2. Select the I agree to the Terms and Conditions check box.
    3. Click OK.

The Details tab in the details pane displays the new configuration for the specific VM.