Using the API

Before you begin to use the BSS API, you should have:

  • Access to the CloudPortal server you wish to integrate with.
  • Both the API Key and Secret Key for a user


Every REST request against the BSS API requires the inclusion of a specific authorization through API Key and Secret Key and timestamp. The authentication process requires various HTTP Header parameters to be submitted with a request.
Note: Timestamp (_) is system current time in milliseconds. By default. timestamp is valid for 5 minutes. This can be configured on a need basis.

Requests that need security have to include a signature. This signature changes with every requests and includes elements from the request.

User needs to pass the APIkey & append the encoded signature (using secret key & parameters) to the generated URL.

Every API request has the following format: Base URL+Base API Path+ REST API Path+Parameter String+Signature


Base URL: Base URL to the CPBM Server. http://localhost:8080

Base API Path: Path to the base API Servlet that processes the incoming requests. /portal/api

REST API Path: Path to CPBM rest api controller./foo