CloudConnectorFactory Interface

The CloudConnectorFactory interface is the primary class that's used to bootstrap a cloud service.

The CloudConnectorFactory implementation for a service acts as a factory for CloudConnector objects. Each CloudConnector object represents a connection to one instance of the CloudConnector. The CloudConnectorFactory interface is defined as follows:
package com.citrix.cpbm.platform.spi;    public interface CloudConnectorFactory<T extends BaseConnector> {    /* Initialize a CloudConnector instance with instance specific data */    public T initialize(ServiceInstanceConfiguration config);    public enum ConnectorType {      CLOUD,       …    }    public ConnectorType getConnectorType();  }

CPBM will call the initialize method on the CloudConnectorFactory implementation providing a ServiceInstanceConfiguration object. This will be done for each instance configured in CPBM for this cloud service. The ServiceInstanceConfiguration object will contain values for each property described in the previous section. Note that the values will be specific to this instance of the cloud service.

Cloud Service CloudConnectorFactory objects should always return CLOUD for their ConnectorType.