Sample Accelerite CloudPlatform Products


You can create basic products from the Add Service Instance wizard.

  • To create a Stopped VM product, combine Allocated VM and exclude Running VM.
  • To create a Network Bandwidth product, combine Network Bytes Sent and combine Network Bytes Received.
  • To create a ROOT VOLUME product, use Root Volume usage type.
The following are some typical products defined:
Small Instance per Hour Small running VM (1 CPU@500MHz, 512MB RAM) Specified in active currencies
Network Bytes Received per GB Data transfer from Internet Specified in active currencies
IP Address per Month Public IP address Specified in active currencies
Root Volume Per GB per Month Storage used by root volume of the VM Specified in active currencies
CentOS 5.6 Template per Hour CentOS 5.6 template used by running VMs Specified in active currencies
Product configuration for a sample product "Small Instance"
Small Instance  
Product Description:    
Name Small Instance  
Code CloudPlatformCloud_SMALL_INSTANCE  
Category Infrastructure: Compute  
Product Details:    
1. Usage Type Generates Usage in Units Aggregation Handling
Running VM Compute-Hours Combine
2. Mediation Rules    
Compute Offering INCLUDES Small Instance
3. Conversion Factor    
Generates Usage in Units Required Product Units Conversion Factor
Compute-Hours Compute-Hours 1
Product Charges    
EUR (€) US ($)  
0.0300 0.0400  


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