Resource properties for provisioning VM

The properties used to provision a VM are described in detail in the table below. For provisioning VM, following resource properties are needed.
Resource Property Name Description Required/Optional
displayName User generated name for the virtual machine Optional
group Group for the virtual machine Optional
diskOfferingUuid The ID of the disk offering for the virtual machine. If the template is of ISO format, the diskOfferingId is for the root disk volume. Else, this parameter is used to indicate the offering for the data disk volume. If the templateId parameter passed is from a Template object, the diskOfferingId refers to a DATA Disk Volume created. If the templateId parameter passed is from an ISO object, the diskOfferingId refers to a ROOT Disk Volume created. Optional
keypair Name of the ssh key pair used to login to the virtual machine Optional
diskSize The size for the DATADISK volume. Optional
keyboard Keyboard device type for the virtual machine. Valid value can be one of de,de-ch,es,fi,fr,fr-be,fr-ch,is,it,jp,nl-be,no,pt,uk,us Optional
networkIds List of network ids used by virtual machine. Cannot be specified with ipToNetworkList parameter Optional
securitygroupIds List of security groups id seperated by comma that are going to be applied to the virtual machine. Should be passed only when vm is created from a zone with Basic Network support. Optional
userData Binary data that can be sent to the virtual machine upon a successful deployment. This binary data must be base64 encoded before adding it to the request. Currently only HTTP GET is supported. Using HTTP GET (via querystring), you can send up to 2KB of data after base64 encoding. Optional
serviceOfferingUuid The ID of the service offering for the virtual machine Required
templateUuid The template ID for the virtual machine Required
isoUuid The ID of the ISO attached to the virtual machine Required
hypervisorType The hypervisor on which to deploy the virtual machine Required