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Accelerite Recovery as a Service (RaaS) rCloud© provides the following new capabilities:

Beta program for rDesktop

The Beta program for rDesktop starts soon. You can use rDesktop to back up Windows-based personal computers directly to the cloud. If you are interested in the beta testing of rDesktop, contact Accelerite Support.

Customized branding to increase brand awareness and visibility for partners

Accelerite RaaS supports custom branding for its partners. With custom branding, Accelerite can modify the look-and-feel of the rCloud web application to match the design elements of their partner.s brand, such as their color theme, style, and logo. Custom branding creates brand awareness and improve user experience by associating a brand's theme with the rCloud web application.

rAppliance for AppAssure

rAppliance for AppAssure integrates rCloud with Dell AppAssure to leverage cloud-based backup and recovery provided by rCloud with local recovery and scalability provided by AppAssure. Please contact your sales representative or call (877) 341-7342 (US only) for more details.

For more information about the appliances, see Deploying rAppliance for AppAssure.

Quick and easy access to frequently performed tasks

Use the QUICKSTART link in the upper-right corner of the rCloud web application to perform tasks, such as creating agents, seeding machines, restoring backups, and managing partner and user accounts. For more information, see Help Resources.

USB disk seeds

In this pilot program, Accelerite Support provides you with seeding devices on request. If you are interested in this pilot program, please contact Accelerite Support.

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