Create an Agent for vSphere


To create a vSphere Agent, login to the rCloud web application:

  1. Click the Agents tab.
  2. Use the Clients drop-down on the top right of the screen to select the client with which you are working.


  4. Select the Agent Type: vSphere and enter an Agent Name. Choose a meaningful name; it will be used to identify the agent in the rCloud service.


  5. Complete Add agent details form as follows:

    • In the Bandwidth throttling section enter the low and high bandwidth period start times and limits in Kbps using 24 hour clock format.
    • In the ESX(i) host networking information section enter the ESX host.s IP address (the agent will be deployed to this Host)
    • In the ESX(i) host administrative account section enter the ESX Hosts.s root Username and Password.
    • In the Doyenz ESX agent VM networking information section enter static IP settings for the Agent to use on the client.s local network.
    • If you don.t have vCenter, don.t want to use vCenter or are only protecting machines on a single host select Use ESX Host Only (unmanaged)
    • If you use vCenter and want to protect machines on multiple vCenter managed hosts:
    • Select the Use vCenter (managed) button.
    • Enter the IP address of your vCenter server in the IP address field.
    • Enter the login credentials of your vCenter server in the Username and Password fields, or click on the copy from ESX(i) button to transfer your ESX host


  6. The agent is created and is in an Unprovisioned state, available for download of the Agent software.


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