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Whats new in ConVirt 2.1

This update include numerous bug fixes, enhancements requested by community over a period of last several months. Some of them are listed here.

SSH to managed server : This provides easy access to get to the managed server via ssh.

IE8 support : Now ConVirt Console is available via Internet Explorer 8.

Annotation for Server and Virtual Machines : This allows users to annotate Servers and Virtual Machines thus helping coordinate activities like "Who is working on this server issue?" or "How long this server is going to be down ?"

VNC Password for KVM virtual machines : Now one can specify the password for Virtual Machine console.

SLES 11 SP2 certification : : We are pleased to announce that this version can now be used with SLES 11 SP2.

Diagnostic capabilities Few diagnostic capabilities are added to be able to identify problems without shutting down the Management server.

Deployment information This version collects some deployment information and send it to Convirture. This data will be used to improve features and guide future development. This can be turned off by changing setting in development.ini