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Whats new in ConVirt Enterprise 3.0

This page summarizes the new features added in ConVirt Enterprise 3.0 release. For learning about ConVirt Cloud features, please refer to ConVirt Enterprise Cloud documentation.

NOTE : If you are new to ConVirt, please visit ConVirt Enterprise Documentation to learn basic features here.


1.1 Maintenance Mode :

During the course of operations, servers need to be brought down for hardware or software maintenance. During this time, the management application should "ignore" the server. By putting the server in maintenance mode, ConVirt does not consider it as a candidate for provisioning or High Availability target or target node for Dynamic Workload Management. Now when transitioning to a maintenance mode, you may want to either shutdown or move the workload running on it to a different server, and bring it back when you are done.

Server Maintenance Mode
Maintenance mode.png

1.2 Annotations :

Annotations are a quick way of communicating with peers. You can set an annotation on a server or a virtual machines. This helps coordinate better and prevents multiple people from working on the same issue. Also keeps others updated about the progress. The annotations are sent as email notifications to everyone that can view the entity.


1.3 VNC Password for KVM

Now you can set VNC password for each KVM virtual machine. For setting the password, select the VM->Edit Settings-> Miscellaneous tab and add the vncpasswd property.

1.4 SSH to Managed Servers

With this version of ConVirt, now you can launch SSH terminal to managed server. This is done via spawning ssh or putty on the browser machine via a signed applet.

1.5 DHCP Service for Virtual Networks

Now when you create a Virtual Private network, you can choose to have dhcp server launched along with it. For this to work, you need to designate one of the server as Network Service Host. This can be done by specifying the following properties in the development.ini. The network service host should be one of the managed server or an external host. In case it is an external host, it should be prepared using Preparing Network Service Host


Now when ConVirt creates a new network, it will also start dnsmasq process to serve out the IPs.