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Welcome to the ConVirt 1.x Wiki

Welcome to the ConVirt Wiki. ConVirt is the leading open source solution for virtualization management with a vibrant and rapidly growing user community. We hope this Wiki will evolve into a place where newcomers and old hands alike can get and share information and, in the process, help turn it into an authoritative knowledge-base.

NOTE : To fight against spam, the wiki edits now are limited to logged in users only. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Getting Started

If you are new to ConVirt, start reading the items below in sequence and you'll be up and administering your environment like a pro in no time!

  • Getting Started Guide : A guide to get you started quickly. (pdf)
  • Installation & Setup : Complete overview of the download, install and setup process as well as some caveats for various distributions.
  • Documentation : Feature Documentation.
  • FAQ : Frequently asked questions.
  • HOWTOs : How to articles and step by step tutorials highlighting particular features.
  • Developer Resources : How to get involved with the project.
  • Blog : Convirture Blog
  • Website : Convirture Website

Reaching Us

We can be reached via several means.

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