Adding a new service to CAS

As a service provider, if any application needs to be authenticated using CAS, you can add a new service to CAS.

After enabling CAS Authentication, follow the steps given below to add new service to CAS.

  1. Log in as root to the host running CloudPortal Business Manager.
  2. Edit the /usr/share/vts3/repository/prop/deployerConfigContext.xml file as follows:
    1. Search for the bean "serviceRegistryDao" in the xml file.
    2. Add a new bean to the property "registeredServices" of the above bean.
    3. The template is as follows:
        <bean class="">       <property name="id" value="<Unique id>" />       <property name="name" value="<Name of the application>" />       <property name="description" value="<description of the application>" />       <property name="serviceId" value="<Callback URL used by CAS to redirect back to the new application>" />   </bean>
  3. Restart the cloud-portal service.
    Note: Property Id should be unique in the list of registered services only. And you need separate service for both http and https protocols.
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