Account Management


Accounts or tenants are customer billable entities. An account is the entity for which usage is aggregated and invoices are generated. Accounts are created for the channel or selling avenue to which they belong. Every channel has its accounts or customers. Typically, there is one account per customer. Each account has users, who are actual people who interact with the system and consume resources. CloudPortal Business Manager tracks resource usage at a user level, but billing is done at an account level.

An account can be created by the administrator or by a customer through self-registration. Once the account is created, the customer identity is verified. Depending on the account type, verification of billing information and further approvals may be required. Once these activities are completed, the account gets activated.

As a service provider, you can manage your customer accounts. There are a host of actions that you can perform such as manage users of an account, edit customer account details, issue credit to customers, view billing history of accounts, change account state, and so on.

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