Account Lifecycle


An account can be moved automatically or manually through various states from Active to Terminated, not necessarily in the order shown below. After the account has reached the final Terminated state, the customer can no longer interact with CloudPortal Business Manager, but the account data is retained. If you want to completely remove the account, see Removing Accounts. To handle payment failures when the autopay feature is in use, see Handling payment failures.

State Description
New The account is just created and has not yet been activated by the user.
Active Operational. The customer can log in, create users, enable services and manage and start using resources.
Restricted The only customer user who can log in is the Master User. Existing services continue to run but the customer cannot provision any new service.
Suspended All services are shut down and cannot be restarted. The only customer user who can log in is the Master User. The customer cannot start any new services, but can view and modify financial information; for example, provide a new credit card number.
Terminated The customer relationship has ended. The account still exists but is disabled and the customer cannot use it. All services are shut down and removed. The account's users are all deleted. All domains for this customer are deleted from the cloud. However, the account is not deleted from CloudPortal Business Manager. The account data is retained in the CloudPortal Business Manager database.
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