CloudPortal™ Business Manager provides a variety of notifications for both the routine events and issues that require attention. Notifications are displayed in the UI and also sent to the specified emails. Notifications come from two sources:

  • CloudPortal Business Manager events and alerts, such as the creation of a new account.
  • CloudStack events and alerts which are passed through from the underlying infrastructure.

Viewing Notifications

Most users at a CloudPortal service provider can view at least some of the notifications. The notifications that are displayed vary according to who is logged in. For example, a user with the Ops Comm permission will see notifications about system health, whereas a user with the Account Manage permission will see notifications related to customer activity.

Click Home, and you will see a summary of recent notifications on your dashboard.

Click the More link to display the All Notifications screen. Click the Notifications link in the top menu bar. This also displays the All Notifications screen.

If you have subscribed to receive notifications in Email, view them in your Inbox.

Subscribing to Notifications

Click the Notifications link in the top menu bar.

Click Manage Notification Preferences.

Fill in your Email address.

Click Add Email.

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