Product Catalogs


A catalog is a set of product bundles and prices that can be offered to customers. CloudPortal Business Manager enables you to define multiple catalogs with different products and prices. The default catalog is called the Reference Catalog.

You can define a different catalog for each channel (which is called channel catalog). Each catalog has an associated utility rate card that helps to calculate the charge when the customer exceeds the entitlements in the purchased product bundles. For example, assume that a customer has purchased a product bundle that includes an entitlement of 20 GB of storage per month. If the amount of storage used goes above 20 GB, you can charge a certain amount for each additional 100 KB.

Reference Catalog revisions
Revising a catalog includes the following:
  • Adding a product or product bundle
  • Editing a product or product bundle
  • Editing pricing for a product or product bundle
  • Retiring a product
  • Replacing an existing product with a new product

When a reference catalog is revised, every channel must synchronize with the reference catalog, so that the changes are visible in the channel. After synchronization, each channel decides when the changes become visible to the customers. In case a new product or bundle is added to the reference catalog, the new product will appear in the catalog only after the catalog is activated.

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