Terminating Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be terminated. When a subscription is terminated, there is no proration of charges, and no credit is given. This is because subscriptions are charged in advance for a committed period of time. However, since the subscription is fully paid for that period, all entitlements (except unlimited entitlements that are dependent on the resource existing) that are eligible for that period continue to be accounted for during billing.

Changing Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be changed to shift from one bundle to another. In this case, the system will treat this action as terminating the first subscription and subscribing to the new subscription. Note that this means that while the new subscription will be prorated for the remainder of the month, if monthly and there will be no credit for unused entitlements from the original bundle. However, as before, entitlements will also be provided based on what the original bundle provided in addition to any prorated entitlements that will be available from the new bundle.

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