Service Metadata

The following information is required by CPBM to enable instantiation and configuration of service instances. This information is provided as XML sections in the serviceDefinition.xml file.

Element (items in italics are attributes) Description
Id A unique identifier for the service. Similar to java package conventions. For example, com.citrix.ccp
type (CLOUD|OSS*) The type of service (For cloud services, this should always be set to CLOUD)
Singleton Boolean(default: false) Indicates if this cloud service is a singleton or not.
category (IaaS|STaaS|PaaS|…) Predefined values that determine the service category
CloudConnectorFactory The service id of the connector factory implementation. This is the primary SPI for the bootstrap process.
Image An image reference URL for use in the UI. Depending on the type it will be used under different circumstances

Banner: Displayed when showing the service in the configuration UI

Logo: Displayed when listing service instances

Locales List of languages supported by the cloud service. For example: <Locales>en_US, ja_JP, ko_KR</Locales>
Vendor The name of the connector implementer
version The connector version
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