Using CAS (Central Authentication Service)

This is most preferred way to achieve SSO. CPBM also ships CAS, which runs on the same server as CPBM. Any Cloud Service, which is capable of authenticating using CAS, can be added to the CAS server to achieve SSO.

Steps for enabling SSO using CAS are as follows:

Add the service URL in the configuration file "deployerConfigContext.xml" as show below:
<bean id="serviceRegistryDao"             class="">    <property name="registeredServices">      <list>        <bean class="">          <property name="id" value="0" />          <property name="name" value="CloudPortal" />          <property name="description" value="CloudPortal Service" />          <property name="serviceId"                          value="http://CPBMHost/portal/portal/j_spring_security_check”/>        </bean>          <bean class="">          <property name="id" value="1" />          <property name="name" value="Cloud Service" />          <property name="description" value="Cloud Service XaaS" />          <property name="serviceId" value="<xaas.service.url>" />        </bean>      </list>    </property>  </bean>

Set the login and logout URL in the Cloud Service as https://<CPBM host>/cas , and https://<CPBM host>/cas/logout, respectively.

Import the CAS server certificate into the system truststore of the Cloud Service server.

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