Customizing UI

Customers can customize the CloudPortal Business Manager UI by modifying any of the below items in the custom bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.portal:
  • CSS:

    CloudPortal Business Manager provides a hook to insert customized CSS. Customer can add any CSS property into the file citrix.cpbm.custom.portal/src/main/resources/custom/css/custom.css. This file overrides any CSS property avialable in CPBM core.

  • Javascript:

    All the JavaScript files are available in custom bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.portal at src/main/resources/js/. Customers can customize these files if required.

  • JSP:

    All the JSP files are available in custom bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.portal at src/main/resources/WEB-INF/jsp/ directory. CPBM uses Apache Tiles* templating framework for development of user interfaces. We have provided a hook in the form of custom tile definition (citrix.cpbm.custom.portal/src/main/resources/WEB-INF/custom/tiles-defs.xml) which takes precedence over default tiles definition (citrix.cpbm.custom.portal/src/main/resources/WEB-INF/default/tiles-defs.xml). To update any tiles view/definition , a customer can copy the view/definition from default tiles XML into the custom tiles XML and then make any change there. Customers can also add new definitions into the custom tiles XML.

  • Controllers:

    CPBM is using Spring MVC framework. And all controllers are available in custom bundle citrix.cpbm.custom.portal at src/main/java/com/citrix/cpbm/portal/fragment/controllers/ directory. Every controller has one concrete implementation which extends the abstract implementation of the controller. Customers can override the method in the concrete implementation to modify any existing method or add new methods in the concrete implementation.

After making the required modification, customers can re-package the custom bundle and deploy it into CloudPortal Business Manager server. For more information on how to re-package and deploy the custom bundle, refer to Installing and building custom components.

Example: To customize an image, we can put the respective image in the citrix.cpbm.custom.portalsrcmainresourcesimages folder and change the respective references in the *.css, *.js, *.jsp files.

Currently the jsp for footer is located at citrix.cpbm.custom.portalsrcmainresourcesWEB-INFjsptilessharedfooter.jsp. To change the footer, you have to add the new jsp in the above location and change the corresponding references in citrix.cpbm.custom.portalsrcmainresourcesWEB-INFdefaulttiles-defs.xml.

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