Daily Zone Wise Product Spend Report

  • The sample report DailyProductUsagePerZone will generate zone wise product spend report for a given date.
  • Report will have date, zone uuid , product id, and spend.
  • This report will include all products for which the usage data has been collected except for 'VPN user' products, since VPN Users is a zone independent usage.
Steps to generate the Daily Zone Wise Product Spend report:
  1. Run the following queries against cloud_reports DB, to enable the sample report on CloudPortal Business Manager UI:
    • INSERT INTO custom_reports (name, class) VALUES ('<Please provide a Report Name here>', ' com.vmops.reports.DailyProductUsagePerZone '')
    • INSERT INTO sched_custom_reports (customreportid, frequency, deliveryurl) VALUES (<ID of the above insert>, 'DAILY', '<The FTP path to transfer as in <TransaferType>://<FilePath Based on the TransferType>
  2. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as Root user.
  3. Click Reports > Custom Reports.
  4. Select the report (Same as the report name provided in the 1st query) that you want to view and click Generate.
  5. You can also download these reports and forward them via email.
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