Accelerite CloudPlatform Resource Provisioning


The CloudPlatform connector has three Resource Types, which are Compute, Storage and Networking. These resources can be provisioned by subscribing to the corresponding bundle.


A Resource Type can be provisioned by satisfying one of the groups.


A Compute resource type can be provisioned by specifying a Template and a Compute Offering or by specifying an ISO and a Compute Offering.


A Storage resource type can be provisioned by specifying a Disk Offering.


A Networking resource type can be provisioned by specifying a Network Offering.


Compute and Networking Resource Types can also be provisioned using the manage resource UI, which are charged as a utility subscription in CloudPortal Business Manager.

To Provision a Compute Resource Type using a Template and Compute Offering:
  1. Log in to CloudPortal Business Manager UI as a normal user.
  2. Click Catalog.
  3. Select the Compute resource type from the selection box and use the Compute Offering drop down list to choose the desired Compute Offering.
  4. Use the Template/ISO drop down list to filter/select the desired Template.

    The product bundles will be filtered based on the selection.

  5. Fill in the details (optional): For the compute resource, select a Disk offering(optional), a network using which the compute resource will be provisioned and a SSH key (optional).
  6. After providing all the required information, accept the terms and conditions by checking in the corresponding checkbox and click on subscribe and provision button to provision the compute resource.
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