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Case Management

Logging a support ticket

For registered users, logging a support case is a simple process. For registered customers logging a case directly, the simplest method is to send an email to and a case is automatically created against your account.

To log a support case on the Accelerite Support Portal, navigate to the ‘Submit a request’ page by using the link on the main menu of the same name.


From the ‘Submit a request’ page be prepared to enter the following information:

  • Subject: The one line description of the problem / question.
  • Description: Detailed description of the problem / question.
  • Priority: The urgency of the case, the definitions of the priority of the case are detailed in the definitions section of this document:
  • Service Product: Is the case relevant to CloudPlatform or Cloud Portal Business Manager.
  • Attachments: If attachments are available they can be uploaded here provided the attachment is less than 20MB. Larger attachments and log files can be uploaded after interaction with the Accelerite Support Team.

Once the information is entered, click the ‘Submit’ button and the case will be logged with Accelerite Support.

Once the support ticket is submitted the user will receive an email notification from the Accelerite Support Portal. This email will be used to further update the case. Additional email notifications will be sent when the Accelerite Support Engineer engages on the case this email notification is sent to the requestor of the case and those in cc. Additional details are provided in the next section.

Trouble tickets can be logged in any language, however, for the fastest response English is the preferred language and Accelerite can only guarantee that the language of the assigned engineer will be English.

Note: If the new ticket is priority ‘Urgent’ we advise customers to follow up ticket creation with a phone call in order to provide the fastest response. Numbers are found in below link. 

Accelerite Telephone Support provides the ability to start your enquiries in French or Spanish as well as English. Just select your preferred language option from our menu. 

IVR Options:

Option 1 – rCloud Support

Option 2 – CloudPlatform and Cloud Portal Business Manager Support

Option3 – Radia CA Support

Option 4 – Aepona Support

Option 5 – Location Products Support


Our list of contact numbers is constantly being updated and can be found at:


Case Management:

The Accelerite Support Portal provides customers the ability to view their active and historical cases. The ‘My Support’ option can be found on the main menu and has the following options as shown below.


By clicking on ‘My Requests’, customers can see the cases that were opened by them. This page will list all the users tickets with the current status. 

By clicking on a particular case, the customer can view the commentary of the case and send updates on the case to the assigned engineers and anyone marked as cc for the case. 

The ‘My requests’ area also provides two further options:

  • Requests I’m CC’d on
  • Organization requests 

Under the “Requests I’m CC’d on” link the end user will see all the cases he/she is marked as CC on. 

Under the “Organization requests” link the end user will see all the cases opened by other users belonging to the same organization. This page helps to keep track other cases from within your own organization.


Other menu items

  • My articles – this will list all the articles you have contributed to the support portal
  • My Subscription – this will list all the articles and sections you are following on the site.
  • My Entitlement – this menu lists the Entitlements for your organization


Escalation Management

The simplest way to escalate a support case is to request an escalation from the support engineer assigned to the case. The engineer will then contact the duty manager to engage with the customer as required.


The high-level escalation path is below:

Support Engineer à Duty Manager à 2nd Level Escalation à 3rd Level Escalation à CEO