Channel Management


Channels represent customer segmentation in CloudPortal Business Manager. They may refer to geographies, selling channels, resellers, partners, and so on. Every account is tied to a specific channel. Service providers may choose to segment their accounts in any way they wish. Channels are associated with a catalog. A catalog contains channel specific prices for all the products in the system along with an operator determined set of bundles that are available to that catalog, which can also have channel specific prices. Consumers may purchase only the bundles available in the catalog that is configured for their channel.

Rather than have uniform branding across all channels, you can have channel-specific branding and provide a customized experience to the tenants/customers of a channel. With channel-specific branding, the reseller functionality is provided with CloudPortal Business Manager. Each channel can be branded to distinguish it from other channels.

This section describes how to create channels, channel catalogs, channel-specific branding, manage channels, and handle campaigns and promotions.

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