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Launching Accelerite Support Portal 2016

Icon Based Menu

One key focus area was to provide a functional menu that was not focused on long word listings. Achieving this with a growing product base was proving impossible with the previous design. We have added in an additional navigation page between the top layer menu items which allow product selection.

The simplified menus are also designed to help us localize the navigation of the site into multiple languages. Whilst the majority of the content will remain in English we are planning to roll out Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean & Chinese menu localization through 2016.

Faster Navigation

Some of the feedback we received on the previous design led us to think about structuring the site around what most people login to achieve. The quick link to log a support case remains a simple click away on the top level menu. Fast navigation to the Knowledge Base along with the Community Forums also remains whilst we have added the Downloads menu item based on feedback from our users.

Product Lifecycle Matrix

One key document we hope will be useful is a simple page to view the product milestones for all of the Accelerite products. This will provide you with our published End Of Life dates amongst other key milestones.

Related Information

Where applicable we have also added useful links to the right hand side. An example of some of these links has been retained on the right hand side of this page.


We hope you’ll find the new site an improvement and we are always ready to listen to your feedback and your discussion. This article is being left open for comments by logged in users and we’d appreciate your feedback around what you like about the site and where we can look to improve further.

We can’t promise we’ll be able to incorporate every feature that is requested but we do commit to listen and provide a response.