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HP Management Software Portal / HP Live Network Users - Please Read

Accelerite Content Network

Accelerite is making an important change to how Radia receives patch content. Please take a moment to read this important announcement that will impact the way you receive and distribute patch content updates. Accelerite is moving from using the HP Management Software Portal to Accelerite Content Network to distribute patches to your Radia servers, and eventually to the endpoints you manage.

What do I need to do?

To apply this change to your Radia installations, please write to us at and we will send you a simple hotfix that you can apply to your Radia server installation.

This is an important changeover that will take effect on Feb 01, 2015. Please write to us before the date to get the hotfix.

Why was this change made?

At Accelerite, it is our constant endeavor to provide the best of capabilities to our customers. This is part of a planned transition from using HP Management Software Portal to using the Accelerite Content Network. This change will help us be more efficient, provide better responsiveness and improved performance in serving patch content to you. We will have better control over the update environment, and be able to provide even better service to you.

Is this optional, and can I skip this change? What impact will that have?

This is not an optional changeover. We will discontinue the use of HP Management Software Portal on Feb 01, 2015. We recommend that you acquire and apply the above hotfix in your Radia environment as early as possible to be able to continue receiving the patch updates for your endpoints.

Will this cause any interruptions?

This will not cause any interruptions to your regular work, and will enable you to continue receiving patch updates from Accelerite Content Network going forward.

Where can I get more information?

We would be glad to answer any of your questions. Please open a support ticket or send us an email at, and we’ll be sure to respond with an answer or pick up the phone and talk with you.


Radia Support Team @ Accelerite