DIY Disk Seeding (ShadowProtect Only)


Prepare the disk

It is possible to seed a ShadowProtect machine from a different site yourself, without sending the disk to Accelerite Support. The disk is typically moved to a site with a lot of upstream bandwidth.

NOTE: Accelerite does not guarantee full bandwidth utilization for sites with large upstream bandwidth. Speeds will vary based on many factors including location, time of day, machine specification and local network setup.

Here are the steps you need to follow to do your own manual import (disk seeding) from a site and machine other than the machine being protected.

It is critical that these steps are followed carefully when you do this to ensure the machine is restorable in the cloud. Only import base images (SPF files) using this method.

Be sure to start a new continuous incremental backup chain, by running a new full backup, before importing your server to rCloud.

  1. Create the clients rCloud Web application, if they don.t already exist.
  2. Copy just the base images (SPF) files to the disk.
  3. Verify the backup files on the newly copied chain by following the directions below:
    • Open ImageManager on a computer that has access to the drive you copied the data to.
    • Log into ImageManager, then click .Start Managing Folder. under Managed Folder Tasks in the left hand pane of the console.
    • ImageManager will immediately start verifying the files you copied to the new drive. This may take some time to complete if the chain is long, or the backup files large.
    • If any files failed to verify they will be listed in the Verification section of ImageManager or you may see a ..bad.log. file created in the directory with the files
    • Files that failed to verify will need to be recopied.
  4. You are ready to take the disk off site.

Install and Configure the Agent on a Proxy Machine

You will need to install and configure an rCloud Agent for ShadowProtect on a .proxy. machine in order to upload the images. Follow the steps below to achieve this.

  1. Select a machine to install the agent on. It must be running Windows 2003/XP or later.
  2. Attach the disk with the images to the proxy machine or the network the proxy machine is on.
  3. Create and install an rCloud Agent for ShadowProtect.
  4. Now you can import the machine following the standard process.

Move the Machine

Once the import from the proxy machine is complete you will need to move the machine to an agent on the network local to the ongoing backup chain.

There are two scenarios you may encounter

  1. You already have an agent installed on site protecting 1 or more machines
  2. You don.t have an agent installed and need to re-use the one you already for the seeding.

If you have an agent already installed at the site:

  1. Edit the machine configuration and move it to the new agent
  2. Be sure to update the ShadowProtect Backup Location

If you don.t already have an agent installed:

  1. Then Install the agent on the machine following the standard steps but do not identify the agent during the installation.
  2. The agent will install but will show up as unidentified. The Tray Monitor will display a warning message that it is unidentified.


  3. You will need to identify it manually by putting the correct agent token in the registry. Locate your agent token as follows:

    • Log in to the rCloud Web application.
    • Click on the Agents Tab.
    • Filter the list by using the Clients drop down if necessary.
    • Click on the name of the Agent for the machine you are working with.
    • The Agent Token is in the Advanced Administration Options section at the bottom of the page. All agent tokens are 25 characters starting with .CH_. (e.g. CH_BABrfQxxma0TP2XOwzm4qQ).
  4. Copy and paste this value in to the registry:

    • On 32 bit machines: HKLMSoftwareDoyenzAgentToken
    • On 64 bit machines: HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeDoyenzAgentToken


  5. The Tray Monitor should change to display a green check mark.


  6. You should also ensure that the agent checks in to rCloud as follows:

    • Log in to rCloud Web application.
    • Click on the Agents Tab
    • Filter the list by using the Clients drop-down list if necessary.
    • The last check-in should be within 60 seconds.
  7. Now you will need to update the agent configuration for the specific machine following the steps the Update Agent Configuration section.
  8. Monitor the machine backups to ensure that the next incremental backup begins to upload.
    • Log in to rCloud Web application.
    • Click the Backups tab
    • Filter the list by using the Clients drop down if necessary.
    • A backup should start within about 15 minutes, the progress will be displayed in the Status and Message columns.
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