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ConnectWise Integration Set Up

The following checklist/configuration steps are necessary for successful data flow from rCloud into ConnectWise. Settings for each step will either need to be verified, modified, or created depending on your pre-existing setup within ConnectWise.

Our directions illustrate creating each configuration step. If you are experiencing problems after this setup process, please consult our Knowledge Base.

NOTE: Contact Accelerite Support if you would like to have ConnectWise Integration enabled for your account.

Understanding ConnectWise Navigation


Instructions Key - ConnectWise Navigation Patterns

.Navigate to Setup > Setup Tables. means:


click the section button Setup and then the icon button Setup Tables

New Item (icon) means:


click the icon that looks like this within the area adding a new item to

(search for) Integrator Login means:


click into the Table column field and type some or all of the name searching for, then press the Enter key

Publish rCloud Usage to ConnectWise Backup Stats (basic setup)


Configure ConnectWise to accept usage data from rCloud
  1. Create a ConnectWise Product

    • Navigate to Setup > Products
    • Click New Item (icon)
    • Set a Product ID and Description
    • Set Category/Sub Category to Managed Services
    • You can also set Product Type, Product Class, Unit of Measure (UOM), Unit Price, and Unit Cost


  2. Set up an ConnectWise Integrator Login

    • Navigate to Setup > Setup Tables > (search for) Integrator Login
    • Click New Item (icon)
    • Set a Username and a Password
    • Set Access Level to All records
    • Enable the Managed Services API


  3. Create a ConnectWise Management IT Solution

    • Navigate to Setup.> *Setup Tables.> (search for) *Management IT
    • Click *New Item.(icon)
    • Set a *Name.( rCloud refers to this as the Management IT Name)
    • Set Management IT *Custom
    • Set a Custom Solution Name
    • Do not create any Agreement Interface Parameters


  4. Set up ConnectWise Company Integration

    • Navigate to the Company you.d like to bill, side-scroll and click the Management tab
    • Under Management Solutions click New Item (icon)
    • Set Solution to the Management IT Solution created during the previous step
    • Set a Managed ID
    • Set Device Types to Backup Stats
    • (if you are not flowing data into Agreements, you can leave Default Agreements blank


Configure rCloud to publish usage data

These steps are necessary for configuring and publishing usage data from rCloud.

  • While you are signed in to, click the ConnectWise tab.
  • Use your ConnectWise Integrator login information: Site, Company ID, Username, and Password
  • Set the Management IT Name to the Name defined during setup step #3
  • Select (via check box) one or more rCloud Clients
  • Associated each Client with a ConnectWise Company by entering its Managed ID (defined in step #4
  • Click Save and Publish (optionally if you do not wish to perform both operations at the time, commands to only save or only publish are also provided to allow you some flexibility)


Future visits to the Publish Usage page will retain your settings, enabling single-click-publishing for future billing cycles.

Verify Backup Stats data publish within ConnectWise
  • Navigate to a Company you published to and scroll to click the Configuration tab
  • Verify that the Billable Space, Year, and Month fields are correct
  • (note: these are the only data points sent from rCloud to ConnectWise)


Connect Backup Stats to an Agreement (advanced billing option)


Configure ConnectWise to flow usage into Additions
  1. Create a ConnectWise Management Backup

    • Navigate to Setup > Setup Tables > Management Backup
    • Click New Item (icon)
    • Set Agreement Type to Managed Service
    • Set Product to the product created earlier
    • Set Billing Level to Detail


  2. Create a ConnectWise Agreement

    • Navigate to the Company you.d like to bill (our example: Law Office of R. Smith)
    • Click the Agreements tab below the company info
    • Click New Item (icon)
    • Set Agreement Type to Managed Service
    • Set an Agreement Name
    • Set the Start Date and Billing Start date to a day earlier than or equal to the 1st of the month to bill for


  3. Set up ConnectWise Company Integration

    • As in the basic setup, navigate to the Company you.d like to bill, side-scroll and click the Management tab
    • Set Default Agreement to the Agreement created in the previous step


Verify data flow into ConnectWise Agreement Additions


  • Navigate to Setup > Setup Tables > Management

  • Click Sync Now

  • Navigate to the Agreement created for the company you.d like to bill, click the Additions tab
  • Verify that one addition exists for each client usage size sent from rCloud to ConnectWise


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