Create an Agent for AppAssure


Create an rCloud Agent for AppAssure as follows:

  1. Click the Agents tab
  2. Use the Clients drop down on the top right of the screen to select the client you are working with.


  4. Select the Agent Type: AppAssure and enter an Agent Name. Choose a meaningful name, it will be used to identify the agent in the rCloud.


  5. Click ADD.

  6. Enter the Agent settings:

    • In the Bandwidth Throttling section enter the low and high bandwidth period start times and limits in Kbps using 24 hour clock format as shown below.
    • Optionally check the Use high bandwidth during weekends box to allow the agent to use the high bandwidth setting all day Saturday and Sunday.
    • In the AppAssure Core Details field enter the IP address, port (if different from the default), and Windows credentials of the Core server where you will be installing the agent. If the machine is on a domain, enter the username in the formate "DOMAIN\username" or "username@domain.local".
    • Enter an Agent workspace path. This must be on a local drive/path. The Agent uses this space during each backup. The Agent will need a minimum of 5% of the total protected volume sizes (e.g. a total 1TB of disk space on the protected machine(s) will require 50GB of workspace).


  7. Click SAVE.

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