Cloud Machine Policy


Accelerite RaaS rCloud is not designed for long term hosting of virtual machines. There are 3 primary reasons to run machines on the service:

  1. Verification of backup images
  2. Testing configuration changes or upgrades prior to deploying in production
  3. Failover in the event of a disaster.

The Cloud Machine policy defines how long a machine may run for. The default setting should be used in all cases other than Failover.


The policy is defined as follows:

  • Default for Test Restore
    • The machine will run for 3 days after which time it will be stopped (gracefully shutdown)
    • The machine will be deleted 7 days after it is stopped
    • If the machine is started again the policy is reset
  • Failover
    • The machine will only be stopped or deleted manually (through the web interface)

NOTE: When running machines using the Failover policy additional charges may apply, depending on your contract.

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