Enable Inbound Connections


Inbound connections to cloud machines can be enabled for testing purposes.

Inbound connections provide inbound port forwarding to machines, however a dedicated IP address is not provided. High numbered external ports are translated to the internal ports that are specified.

For example if you open port 3389 for inbound Remote Desktop you may be assigned an external port of 4002 that will translate to the internal port 3389. For a machine with the internal IP address of that would look like this:

  • External IP:, port 4002 maps to
  • Internal IP port 3389

NOTE: You can enable inbound connections either before or after you start a machine. We recommend you do it beforehand.

In order to enable inbound connections for a machine follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the machine:

    • Click on the Machines tab
    • Filter the list by using the Clients drop-down if necessary
    • If the machine is not running use the two drop down arrows next to the name of the machine and click Start.


    • If the machine is running, click on the word Running in the Last Operation column to take you to the Customization Operation page.


  2. Once you are on the Operation: Start Machine page you can enable inbound connections by clicking on the Disabled link next to Inbound Connections.


  3. Click the radio button next to Enable specific connections and then click Enable an additional connection.


  4. The quickest way to open a port is to select the Arbitrary TCP/UDP protocol radio button, select either TCP or UDP and enter your port number. You can also use the drop down list.


  5. Click OK then click SUBMIT.

    • If the machine is not running the setting is applied immediately.
    • If the machine is running it will take a minute or two to make the change. You will see a Loading and then Updating status on the page.
  6. Once the update is complete Inbound connections will show up as Enabled.

    • If the machine is not running click Start Machine.
  7. Once the machine is running Click on the Enabled link to view the IP address and port number assigned for inbound connectivity.



    NOTE: In lab mode we provide a shared IP and port forwarding in this way. The external port 4xxx is forwarded to the correct internal port. In failover mode you do receive a dedicated IP and straight through translations.

  8. You can now access the machine on the specified ports from outside the rCloud environment.


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