Setup ShadowProtect


To protect a physical machine or virtual machine that is not hosted on VMware ESX(i) you must first back it up using StorageCraft ShadowProtect.

  1. Install ShadowProtect using the installer defaults.
  2. Start ShadowProtect (Start > Programs > ShadowProtect).
  3. Click the Backup Jobs tab in the console, and then click the New button to create a new backup job.


  4. Press Next to get started.


  5. Select which drives should be backed up, then click Next.

  6. Select where the backup files will be written. Select Browse for a local disk, and Network Locations for a remote disk. You can also type in the path manually.


  7. Once the path is selected, the file name and volume to be backed up is displayed in the Specify Image Names window. Do not alter the file name. Doing so will prevent the volume from being restored. Click Next to continue.


  8. You must select Continuous Incrementals in the schedule pane. rCloud does not support any other schedule type. Choose the days, times, and frequency of backups as needed. rCloud needs at least one VSS backup per day and it must be the last backup of the day. rcloud-help-shadowprotect-07.gif

  9. The Compression Method must be set to at least Standard.


  10. Select the Enter Password check box to encrypt the images, then enter a password. Do NOT check Use Password File or Split Image File as these features are not supported.


  11. Click Advanced and then select the Encryption tab. Select your desired level of encryption.


  12. Check Execute Now if you want run your backup immediately, otherwise it will start a full backup at the next scheduled run time. Click Finish.


  13. When the first backup is done, go to the directory where the backups are saved and validate that the .spf files corresponding to all the disks you are backing up are present.


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