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Adding new Managed Server

To Add a new Managed server,

1. Make sure that you have followed Preparing Managed Servers.

2. Select a Server Pool in the left pane, then right-click. For example, select the default server pool QA Lab, then right-click to display the context menu

Add server ctx menu.png

3. Click Add Server

Add server ctx menu.png

4. Select Virtualization Platform, then click OK. For example, select Xen and then click OK.

Add server select plat.png

5. Type the host name or IP address of the server, and a user name and password for account with permission to access the managed server, then click OK. For example

Add server server details.png

6. If the connection is successful, the managed server is added to the Convirt console. You can now create and manage the complete life cycle of virtual machines on this managed server.

Add server server added.png